Fiona: access to simple geospatial feature data

Fiona streams simple feature data to and from GIS formats like GeoPackage and Shapefile. Simple features are record, or row-like, and have a single geometry attribute. Fiona can read and write real-world simple feature data using multi-layered GIS formats, zipped and in-memory virtual file systems, from files on your hard drive or in cloud storage. This project includes Python modules and a command line interface (CLI).

Here’s an example of streaming and filtering features from a zipped dataset on the web and saving them to a new layer in a new Geopackage file.

import fiona

) as src:
    profile = src.profile
    profile["driver"] = "GPKG"

    with"example.gpkg", "w", layer="selection", **profile) as dst:
        dst.writerecords(feat in src.filter(bbox=(-107.0, 37.0, -105.0, 39.0)))

The same result can be achieved on the command line using a combination of fio-cat and fio-load.

fio cat zip+ --bbox "-107.0,37.0,-105.0,39.0" \
| fio load -f GPKG --layer selection example.gpkg

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